Tuesday, 11 December 2012

We officially finalized our project process...

We sent the final report of the project in September. We waited for a reply from Turkish National Agency for a long time. Today, we have been given a respond which declares that our report has been approved and our project is agreed to have been finalized successfully. That is great news!

We have still good memories on mobilities, school activities, friendships, workshops, enjoying visits and so on. We would really like to get such experiences again in another partnership. As far as we have heard, we can't improve a project with the same partners; but it doesn't say "not with the schools in the same cities" :) We have close friendships with the colleagues and with the cutie students. I think, we can get in touch with other schools which are in contact with our partner schools.That is, we can get in touch again, someday somewhere.

Even if, we can't join a new partnership this term, I believe, the results of our project will be improved and we will be able to manage the sustainability as well.

By the way, we had some brochures pressed to promote what we have done so far. We got lots of pressed notebooks, diaries, files and pens, by which we managed the dissemination of our work. We announced the final product to the local governmental institutions.

Thanks to our partners for all their collaborations and good communication!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Romania Meeting Report


“Immediate Surroundings”

At Liceul Teoretic “Ion Neculce”

In Targu-Frumos, Iasi, ROMANIA
21-25 of May, 2012

Participants:       Liceul Teoretic ''Ion Neculce'' Targu-Frumos (Romania)

                           Midyat Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)

                           Tapa Gümnaasium (Estonia)

                            Istituto di Istruzione Superiore L. Luzzatti (Italy)

                            Escola Secundaria de Cacilhas-Tejo (Portugal)

                            IES Llanera (Spain)

                            I.I.S.S. De Gemmis di Terlizzi (Italy)

Project meeting:    

On the 21st of May, the project meeting started with an arranged tour of Iasi city, the cultural capital of Romania, where the participants had an overview of the culture and daily lives of the inhabitants. Teachers and students visited the oldest university in the country, they had a tour of the most important park in the city and they were able to tour different museums and areas related to the Romanian culture and history.

On the 22nd of May, the formal opening ceremony of the meeting was held at Liceul Teoretic “Ion Neculce” in Targu-Frumos. Here the participants visited the school facilities, the school’s museum and the Green Corner (recycling system). The visiting students were able to spend time in classes with their Romanian hosts and the teachers attended an English class. After that, all the groups presented their plans for the Green Project, they were all very interesting and ready to be put into practice. After lunch, the participants were taken to visit an old and interesting palace, “Miclauseni”, where the natural environment has been well protected so far. They were able to walk in the forest and to visit a beautiful monastery where they were served with a special tea made by special plants from that particular area.
On the 23rd of May, the participants were taken to visit some beautiful mountain areas where they could experience the beauty of the nature. They have seen Piatra Neamt city, where they could take the gondola to admire the beautiful scenery, then they visited the Bicaz area, Cheile Bicazului and the Red Lake where the natural environment offered them a wonderful landscape. This experience helped them to remember once again about the importance of protecting the natural areas.

On the 24th of May, the working session started in the morning at school: the students attended some classes with their hosts, the teachers had a short meeting and then, all the participants attended the last power-point presentations. After that, the teachers had their last formal meeting where they have discussed about the last details of the project, about the website and the final report. Before lunch, the delegations were invited at the City Hall where the mayor welcomed them and told them some information about the life and the culture of the city Targu-Frumos. After the festive lunch, all the groups presented the most memorable moments of the project, everyone received certifications and small gifts and in the end the Romanian students tried to present small “pieces of culture” (songs and dances) they have learned from their partners in the last 2 years.

On the 25th of May, three delegations departed and the others had the opportunity to visit again Iasi city and the surroundings, while the students spent their day with the host families.


-       -All the meetings scheduled in the application form took place successfully;
-       -All the activities have been done according to the plan;
-       -Each school has done its work for the project according to the schedule;
-     -The website and the blogs contain almost all the work done so far and they remain open to be completed with any material related to the project.
-      -The final report will be filled in by every school and after we will agree that all the information is correct, they will be sent to the National Agencies;
-       -The teachers and the students communicated successfully and they will remain friends for a long time :)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Art Exhibition

This week we have organized an art exhibition where the students' all works of art produced in lessons, have been on view. Our art teachers Şule Yıldız and Fatma Keşküş organized the exhibition and they led and helped the students with their projects. 

Fatma KEŞKÜŞ  & Şule YILDIZ 

There are several concepts in the activity. The sub-topics are reproduction paintings, charcoal and oil paintings, "Ebru" art, and recycling and reusing the materials, which are also the main topics of our envionmental project.

Students tried to reproduce some famous works of art.

They tried the techniques of charcoal. There are really creative works.

There are very creative work of Ebru Art, as well. (learn more about Ebru)

There are also various oil paints. The following was made by a student who was given a postcard bought from Venice.

As the Project Team, what we are more interested in are the recycling and reusing topics. Here are some samples of the works made with the recycled or reused objects or materials.
These are the party masks made with the used papers . The papers are  wet  and then kneaded. It undergoes some other processes and then colored and shaped as desired.

A fish figure made from a broken mirror.

The following are all made from the papers of old magazines or newspapers. The technique is called "collage" (kolaj). 

The following is one of the most striking work of the topic. All of the pieces you can see are just the pieces of plastic bottles. They are cut and then colored as desired. Then they are brought together to picture a figure or a scene. Isn't it a vivid product?

We hope to see such good work the next year again. 

Conguratulations to all our artist students!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

We Are Preparing For the Meeting in Iasi, Romania

Our meeting in Iasi, Romania will be held on 21th-25th May. Now, we are preparing for this meeting. We are still studying on the green plan to make it perfect and effective. We have got the meeting programme and the contact information of the host students. The e-mailing traffic has already started.

We are 2 English language teachers and 6 students in our team. It is the first time for the students to go abroad and this is expected to be a great chance for them to make new friends, to meet new cultures and to practice English language. They seem very excited!

It's been told that Iasi is a mountainous area where you need warm clothes at this time of the year. So, we need to take jackets, coats or even boots! Anyway, It seems we'll have great fun!. Here is the meeting programme.

We are first flying to Istanbul from Mardin and by midnight we will have been in Bucharest. We will stay there one night and on Sunday evening we are flying to Iasi. We will work on the project activities; we will see new people and places and we will hold the closing session of the whole project. It will be a little sad for us as this will be the last formal meeting of the project. On Friday, we are going to get to Bucharest back and spend the Friday there. On Saturday evening, we hope to be back at home.

It is time to prepare the luggage! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Comenius In-Service Training

Comenius In-Service Training is a sub-action of Life Long Learning Programme.

The objective of this action is to help improve the quality of school education by enabling staff to undertake training in another country than that they normally works. In this way, participants are encouraged to improve their practical teaching skills and knowledge and to gain a broader understanding of school education in Europe. This action is funded by National Agencies of each country.
The logo of Turkish National Agency
Undertaking a professional development activity or attending a conference in another European country can help the staff:
  • learn new skills
  • build lasting relationships with colleagues throughout Europe
  • gain a greater understanding of European education.

Our school staff is interested in international activities regarding education.

English language teacher Mrs.Eda YÖRÜGER attended a course within Comenius In-Service Training "CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Pratical Methodology for Teachers" organized in Portsmouth, England, in a previous course session.

Two of English language teachers also applied the Comenius In-Service training programme in January, 2012. Their applications have been accepted by the National Agency, the institution which will give the grant to attend the courses in Europe. They will attend two-week courses on English Teaching Methods, in England, in July, 2012.

Mr. Muhammed AKINCI will attend the course "Creative Activities & Motivating Materials for the Secondary Classroom" organized in Ipswich, England.

Mr. Özgen ÇAMLIBEL will attend the course "Language & Methodology for Teachers of English - A Blended Approach" organized in Scarborough, England.

 Conguratulatons to our teachers!

For further information about the programmes please see EUROPA   
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