Tuesday, 11 December 2012

We officially finalized our project process...

We sent the final report of the project in September. We waited for a reply from Turkish National Agency for a long time. Today, we have been given a respond which declares that our report has been approved and our project is agreed to have been finalized successfully. That is great news!

We have still good memories on mobilities, school activities, friendships, workshops, enjoying visits and so on. We would really like to get such experiences again in another partnership. As far as we have heard, we can't improve a project with the same partners; but it doesn't say "not with the schools in the same cities" :) We have close friendships with the colleagues and with the cutie students. I think, we can get in touch with other schools which are in contact with our partner schools.That is, we can get in touch again, someday somewhere.

Even if, we can't join a new partnership this term, I believe, the results of our project will be improved and we will be able to manage the sustainability as well.

By the way, we had some brochures pressed to promote what we have done so far. We got lots of pressed notebooks, diaries, files and pens, by which we managed the dissemination of our work. We announced the final product to the local governmental institutions.

Thanks to our partners for all their collaborations and good communication!

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